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Upcoming events

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Past events

05/31/2022 PS Committee Meeting
05/09/2022 Executive Board Meeting
04/28/2022 Election Committee Meeting
04/11/2022 Executive Board Meeting
04/05/2022 Ethics and Civility Committee Meeting
04/04/2022 Mondays with MASP
03/10/2022 Election Committee Meeting
03/08/2022 PS Committee Meeting
03/07/2022 Mondays with MASP
03/01/2022 GPR Meeting
02/10/2022 Ethics and Civility Committee Meeting
02/10/2022 Election Committee Meeting
02/07/2022 MASP EB Meeting
01/12/2022 Ethics and Civility Committee Meeting
01/11/2022 PS Committee Meeting
01/10/2022 MASP EB Meeting
01/10/2022 Member Services Meeting
01/04/2022 GPR Meeting
12/13/2021 MASP EB Meeting
11/23/2021 GPR Meeting
11/22/2021 Member Services
11/19/2021 MASP Annual Meeting
11/19/2021 November Workshop - Inclusive Supports for LGBTQIA+ Youth + Annual Meeting
11/15/2021 PS Committee Meeting
11/08/2021 MASP EB Meeting
10/21/2021 Member Services Meeting
10/18/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
10/14/2021 Election Committee Meeting
10/12/2021 GPR Committee Meeting
10/05/2021 PS Committee Meeting
09/29/2021 PD Committee Meeting
09/21/2021 GPR Committee Meeting
09/13/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
09/13/2021 Mondays with MASP with NASP President, Laurie Klose
07/16/2021 MASP Executive Board Retreat
06/22/2021 GPR Committee meeting
06/21/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
06/08/2021 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
06/07/2021 Mondays With MASP (MWM)
06/02/2021 Member Services Meeting
05/25/2021 GPR Committee meeting
05/14/2021 MASP Spring Conference - Assessing Threats of Violence and Suicide in Schools
05/04/2021 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
05/03/2021 Mondays with MASP - Dr. Sue Righthand
04/27/2021 GPR Committee meeting
04/27/2021 Member Services Meeting
04/12/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
04/06/2021 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
04/05/2021 Mondays with MASP
03/24/2021 Member Services Meeting
03/23/2021 GPR Committee meeting
03/02/2021 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
03/01/2021 Mondays with MASP
02/09/2021 GPR Committee meeting
02/08/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
02/01/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
02/01/2021 Mondays with MASP
01/12/2021 GPR Committee meeting
01/11/2021 Mondays with MASP
12/08/2020 GPR Committee meeting
12/01/2020 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
11/30/2020 MASP Executive Board Meeting
11/10/2020 GPR Committee
11/09/2020 MASP Annual Meeting + November Webinar
11/09/2020 Member Services Meeting
11/02/2020 MASP Executive Board Meeting
10/05/2020 Mondays with MASP
09/14/2020 MASP Executive Board Meeting
09/09/2020 PD Committee Meeting
09/01/2020 Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools
08/24/2020 Mondays with MASP
08/13/2020 DOE Meeting with School Psychologists
08/13/2020 Executive Board Meeting
08/10/2020 Mondays with MASP
08/03/2020 Mondays with MASP
07/30/2020 DOE meeting with School Psychologists
07/27/2020 Mondays with MASP
07/20/2020 Mondays with MASP
07/16/2020 Maine DOE for School Psychologists
07/13/2020 Mondays with MASP
07/06/2020 Mondays with MASP
06/29/2020 Mondays with MASP
06/24/2020 Maine DOE Meeting for School Psychologists
06/22/2020 Mondays with MASP
06/17/2020 Member Services Meeting
06/11/2020 Executive Board Meeting
06/11/2020 Professional Standards Meeting
06/10/2020 Member Services Committee Meeting
06/09/2020 The Neuropsychology of Written Language Disorders
06/08/2020 Mondays with MASP
06/04/2020 Maine DOE Meeting for School Psychologists
06/01/2020 Mondays with MASP
05/26/2020 Professional Standards Meeting
05/21/2020 Maine DOE Meeting for School Psychologists
05/20/2020 Member Services Meeting
05/06/2020 Member Services Committee Meeting
04/17/2020 Ethics in Supervision
04/10/2020 Behavior Analytic Problem Solving: Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
03/18/2020 Executive Board
03/18/2020 Professional Standards Committee
03/16/2020 Professional Development Committee Meeting
02/01/2020 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
01/16/2020 Ad Hoc Committee for Developing Proposed Revisions to 093 Certification
01/09/2020 Executive Board Meeting
01/07/2020 A Nuts 'n Bolts Presentation on the Maine Legislative Process
12/19/2019 GPR Committee Meeting
12/12/2019 Executive Board Meeting
12/06/2019 MASP Workshop + Annual Meeting - What School Psychologists Need to Know About Students with Internalizing Disorders
11/06/2019 GPR Committee Meeting
10/25/2019 MASP Fall Conference - Creating Trauma-Informed Schools and Classrooms
09/06/2019 Call for Nominations - Election for MASP President-Elect
04/05/2019 MASP Spring Conference: Ethics + Threat Assessment Workshops
03/27/2019 Maine CITE/Maine AEM - Assistive Technology and AEM: What School Psychologists Need to Know
10/29/2018 Cocktail Reception for School Psychologist of the Year
10/29/2018 MASP Fall Conference - Developing and Implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavior (MTSS-B)
04/27/2018 Spring Conference - Dr. Ortiz presents Nondiscriminatory Evaluation of Specific Learning Disability with English Learners
11/17/2017 Cognitive Load Theory and its Implications for Reaching and Teaching “Cognitively Inefficient” Students + Annual Meeting
10/23/2017 MASP Fall Conference-Contemporary Evaluation of Specific Learning Disability: A Pattern of Strength & Weaknesses (PSW) Approach via Cross-Battery Assessment and X-BASS Software
09/22/2017 Friday Workshop - Maine’s New SLD Identification Regulations: Guidance on Implementation
09/18/2017 Monday Workshop - Maine’s New SLD Identification Regulations: Guidance on Implementation
06/25/2017 Benefit Walk in Honor of Dr. Christopher Kaufman
04/03/2017 MASP Spring Conference
11/18/2016 MASP Annual Meeting
10/28/2016 MASP Cocktail Reception
10/28/2016 MASP Fall Conference

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