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Upcoming events

    • 09/13/2021
    • 6:30 PM (EDT)

    • 01/03/2022
    • (EST)
    • Live Virtual Event - Please review policy regarding recordings
    • 274

    Dr. Stefano Bagnato will be presenting this 9 session series, Authentic Assessment for Early Childhood Intervention: Best Practices for Best Outcomes.

    This mini-series course will help to prepare school psychologists and other interdisciplinary professionals, including speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers, early behavior specialists, and social workers, to become important team members and crucial partners to parents and teachers in the early childhood intervention field. The course will help team members to understand the climate, culture, and “best practices” in assessment and intervention for early childhood intervention.

    For the complete course brochure: 


    This is a live and interactive virtual event. While sessions will be recorded, they will only be available for viewing as a make-up session for those who have to miss a session, not as a replacement for attendance at the entire mini-series. If you have questions about this policy, please email Kim Shur at kimshur@gmail.com. 

    After you register you will receive a confirmation email. The link to attend the event and handouts will be sent a few days before the start of the series. 

    Please register early (by November 1st) so we can have books delivered in time for the start of the mini-series. Books will be distributed at various locations regionally.

    Registration closes December 15th. 

    Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, you must submit written notification to MASP at least 10 days in advance for a full refund. Cancellations with less than 10 days notice will receive a refund less a $75 processing fee. Please email your request to maineasp@gmail.com.

Past events

07/16/2021 MASP Executive Board Retreat
06/22/2021 GPR Committee meeting
06/21/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
06/08/2021 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
06/07/2021 Mondays With MASP (MWM)
06/02/2021 Member Services Meeting
05/25/2021 GPR Committee meeting
05/14/2021 MASP Spring Conference - Assessing Threats of Violence and Suicide in Schools
05/04/2021 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
05/03/2021 Mondays with MASP - Dr. Sue Righthand
04/27/2021 GPR Committee meeting
04/27/2021 Member Services Meeting
04/12/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
04/06/2021 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
04/05/2021 Mondays with MASP
03/24/2021 Member Services Meeting
03/23/2021 GPR Committee meeting
03/02/2021 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
03/01/2021 Mondays with MASP
02/09/2021 GPR Committee meeting
02/08/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
02/01/2021 MASP Executive Board Meeting
02/01/2021 Mondays with MASP
01/12/2021 GPR Committee meeting
01/11/2021 Mondays with MASP
12/08/2020 GPR Committee meeting
12/01/2020 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
11/30/2020 MASP Executive Board Meeting
11/10/2020 GPR Committee
11/09/2020 MASP Annual Meeting + November Webinar
11/09/2020 Member Services Meeting
11/02/2020 MASP Executive Board Meeting
10/05/2020 Mondays with MASP
09/14/2020 MASP Executive Board Meeting
09/09/2020 PD Committee Meeting
09/01/2020 Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools
08/24/2020 Mondays with MASP
08/13/2020 DOE Meeting with School Psychologists
08/13/2020 Executive Board Meeting
08/10/2020 Mondays with MASP
08/03/2020 Mondays with MASP
07/30/2020 DOE meeting with School Psychologists
07/27/2020 Mondays with MASP
07/20/2020 Mondays with MASP
07/16/2020 Maine DOE for School Psychologists
07/13/2020 Mondays with MASP
07/06/2020 Mondays with MASP
06/29/2020 Mondays with MASP
06/24/2020 Maine DOE Meeting for School Psychologists
06/22/2020 Mondays with MASP
06/17/2020 Member Services Meeting
06/11/2020 Executive Board Meeting
06/11/2020 Professional Standards Meeting
06/10/2020 Member Services Committee Meeting
06/09/2020 The Neuropsychology of Written Language Disorders
06/08/2020 Mondays with MASP
06/04/2020 Maine DOE Meeting for School Psychologists
06/01/2020 Mondays with MASP
05/26/2020 Professional Standards Meeting
05/21/2020 Maine DOE Meeting for School Psychologists
05/20/2020 Member Services Meeting
05/06/2020 Member Services Committee Meeting
04/17/2020 Ethics in Supervision
04/10/2020 Behavior Analytic Problem Solving: Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
03/18/2020 Executive Board
03/18/2020 Professional Standards Committee
03/16/2020 Professional Development Committee Meeting
02/01/2020 Professional Standards Committee Meeting
01/16/2020 Ad Hoc Committee for Developing Proposed Revisions to 093 Certification
01/09/2020 Executive Board Meeting
01/07/2020 A Nuts 'n Bolts Presentation on the Maine Legislative Process
12/19/2019 GPR Committee Meeting
12/12/2019 Executive Board Meeting
12/06/2019 MASP Workshop + Annual Meeting - What School Psychologists Need to Know About Students with Internalizing Disorders
11/06/2019 GPR Committee Meeting
10/25/2019 MASP Fall Conference - Creating Trauma-Informed Schools and Classrooms
09/06/2019 Call for Nominations - Election for MASP President-Elect
04/05/2019 MASP Spring Conference: Ethics + Threat Assessment Workshops
03/27/2019 Maine CITE/Maine AEM - Assistive Technology and AEM: What School Psychologists Need to Know
10/29/2018 Cocktail Reception for School Psychologist of the Year
10/29/2018 MASP Fall Conference - Developing and Implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavior (MTSS-B)
04/27/2018 Spring Conference - Dr. Ortiz presents Nondiscriminatory Evaluation of Specific Learning Disability with English Learners
11/17/2017 Cognitive Load Theory and its Implications for Reaching and Teaching “Cognitively Inefficient” Students + Annual Meeting
10/23/2017 MASP Fall Conference-Contemporary Evaluation of Specific Learning Disability: A Pattern of Strength & Weaknesses (PSW) Approach via Cross-Battery Assessment and X-BASS Software
09/22/2017 Friday Workshop - Maine’s New SLD Identification Regulations: Guidance on Implementation
09/18/2017 Monday Workshop - Maine’s New SLD Identification Regulations: Guidance on Implementation
06/25/2017 Benefit Walk in Honor of Dr. Christopher Kaufman
04/03/2017 MASP Spring Conference
11/18/2016 MASP Annual Meeting
10/28/2016 MASP Cocktail Reception
10/28/2016 MASP Fall Conference

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