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GPR Committee Goals 

  • Have resources on the web go live
  • Fine tune process for membership to respond to action items both as an association and for personal responses
  • Continue to incorporate social justice themes with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and mental health
  • Continue to develop relationships with other stakeholders
  • Continue to seek Mainecare reimbursement
  • Support NSPW


  Links to Maine State Legislature

    Home page:

2/1/2023 - Presentation to the Maine EDU Legislative Committee:

Education Committee Presentation (1).pptx

Action Alerts

  Template for GPR.docx

Current Letters of Testimony from GPR

Past Letters of Testimony from GPR

  Restraint and Seclusion Letter

Educational Resources for Advocacy

NASP Resources

Legislator’s Handbook

Follow a Bill Through the Legislature


Shannon Bellows videos:

These videos were made for families of the Autism Society. However, the advocacy tips offered could easily be applied to school psychologists and their school communities.

   Who do I contact?
   What is my message?

  How do I get my message out?

  Taking it to the next level

Other Useful Links 

Federal level (nasp resources)

Public Hearings


• Click on

• Select "Public Hearing"

• Choose Education and Cultural Affairs Committee

• Choose date

• Choose LD

• Fill out the form / your comments

Contact US

PO Box 116 South Windham, ME 04082

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