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MASP Spotlight

Have you heard about MASP's upcoming mini-series?

January 3, 2022 - Early Childhood Mini-Series

Mondays from 3:00 - 5:00pm for 8 weeks

Dr. Stephen Bagnato will present Authentic Assessment for Early Childhood Intervention: Best Practices for Best Outcomes. This mini-series runs Mondays 3pm to 5pm, from January 2 through March 7, 2022. This course will help to prepare school psychologists and other interdisciplinary professionals, including speech therapists, OTs, PTs, teachers, behavior specialists, and social workers, to become important team members and crucial partners in the early childhood intervention field. While the focus of this series is early childhood, the content spans developmental stages and can be applied at various grade levels. Register with your team to receive a discount! To register, click this link:

Early Childhood Series - Authentic Assessment for Early Childhood Intervention

Watch Dr. Bagnato introduce this mini-series: Dr. Bagnato Promo Video - 480p HD.mov

School psychology students at the University of Southern Maine on engaged in a group discussion on School Psychologist Awareness Week and the document from NASP Online “Let’s Get In G.E.A.R.” The document provided questions for reflection and discussion. Below are the responses from the School Psychology students:

Q: What are some ways students and faculty can grow, engage, advocate, and rise themselves and with the students they serve in practicum and other applied experiences?

Ways that we can continue to grow is to participate in professional development trainings and continuing education events. It is important to recognize that as professionals we are responsible for seeking out ways to gain knowledge and expand on skills in the field. Another way we can be responsible for our growth is to use the NASP survey, to identify areas of strength and weaknesses.

School Psychologists, including graduate students, can engage through ongoing collaboration and consultation. It is important to build meaningful relationships with students, families, and school professionals. Offering groups in schools could allow School Psychologist to develop a collaborative relationship with social work and counseling to bring mental health awareness to life. Being present in schools is another way to engage. We can be present at lunch, recess, after school activities and sporting events to bring awareness to the position and to build strong relationships in the school.

As students we can advocate for what we want the future of school psychology to look like. It can incorporate more systems level activities and consultation. Advocate for the addition of permanent school psychologist positions so we can be a part of the school team and provide more support in areas of need.

We can rise by making meaningful change in schools. These changes can be done by putting in the time for systems level changes. Another thing to keep in mind is that for School psychologists to continue to rise is maintaining appropriate self-care to be able to provide the most effective and meaningful treatment.

Q: How can School Psychologists can lead powerful change by taking on leadership roles, improving school climate, prompting new initiatives, or engaging in systems level activities?

We as students have an opportunity to make lasting change in schools. Having the education and knowledge of systems level services and positive school climate, we must advocate for more resources to be able to provide these much-needed services. With there being such a need for School Psychologists, there is limited time for additional areas of support besides evaluations and assessments. School Psychologists have the training and capacity to engage in such a wide range of services such as MTSS, RTI, and PBIS. Building a positive school climate and advocating for a safe and supportive environment is one of the many things we will do in our future careers.

Thank you Elyssa Deschaine, MASP Student Rep 


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