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GPR Committee Goals 


  • Have resources on the web go live

  • Fine tune process for membership to respond to action items both as an association and for personal responses

  • Continue to incorporate social justice themes with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and mental health

  • Continue to develop relationships with other stakeholders

  • Continue to seek Mainecare reimbursement

  • Support NSPW

State Advocacy

National Advocacy

General Advocacy 

Shannon Bellows videos: 

These videos were made for families of the Autism Society.  However, the advocacy tips offered could easily be applied to school psychologists and their school communities.

Who do I contact?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNeSbplHcGQ&list=PLLSa2jlklrVQeWglkmUk_RGbWjR906HFN&index=1


What is my message?



How do I get my message out?



Taking it to the next level:


Link to NASP advocacy materials: 


Contact US

PO Box 116 South Windham, ME 04082



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